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google tricks we you did not know

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What are the 10 hidden google tricks that didn't know?

Posted : 22/08/2022 10:31 am
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1. Do a Barrel Roll
It is the best opportunity to surprise your friends with this. With a Barrel Roll trick, all you need to do is Search for “do a barrel roll” without the quotes and then you can see the google page rolling like a barrel. For the first time when the user tries this trick, surely gets panic thinking something is wrong with the computer. Send this trick link to your friend and see their reaction.

2. Askew/Tilt
When someone is trying to search something on google send them the askew link and watch the reaction. Askew/Tilt will tilt the google page and the user watching it for the first time will be shocked. Try it with your friends to see their reaction.

3. Zerg Rush
Search Zerg Rush and see your Google results disappearing one by one. The search will take you to a google page where you can see alphabets erasing and falling all the results one by one.

4. Blink HTML
Go to google and search Blink HTML. You can see all the words blinking at a time. Try this!

5. Party Like It’s 1998
If your friend is using a high-speed internet connection send this link and ask him/her if he sees a basic version of google page loaded? He/She might get confused thinking his internet speed has been dropped.

6. Shake It Trick
This shake it trick will open youtube and start playing a song with youtube icon shaking. Send the link to your friends and ask them what happened?

7. Atari Breakout
Feeling bored? Try this google game Atari Breakout. Go to google images and type “Atari Breakout”. You will see a normal images page then after a few seconds the page will turn to a game screen and you can play Atari Breakout.

8. Recursion
This is a very amazing trick. Go to and search “recursion”. Normal results will appear. Now all you need to do is press the “did you mean recursion” and you will be stuck in a loop.

9. Gravity
Watch the homepage come crashing down with the google gravity trick. Go to Google and type ‘Google gravity’. Ignore the autosuggestions and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’. You can see the complete google page upside down.

10. Guitar
Do you know that you can play the guitar with a set of instruction? All you need to do is open this guitar link and type the alphabets in the google search shown below.

Posted : 22/08/2022 10:36 am
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